Happiness is mean to be joyful and full of energy,but the other side of it is sadness.it good to find time to make yourself happy I.e during free time.

  Here I am going to show you tips that can boost your well being,here are the tips to make you overcome depression

1. Find love one 

To boost your happiness find your funny one, maybe friend or family that can make you laugh and you can free yourself with. playing others help in boosting happiness

2. Playing with your kids

Playing with your kids will make you happy because the moment you are playing with kids make them smile and this can make you laugh and be happy, but if don't have kids you can play with your neighbor kids

3. Communicate with your partner

Communicate with love one sometimes bring happiness. find your partner and make discussion on what is in your mind and gist's on other things, asking like "what is the craziest thing you ever did as a kid"  , "what famous people will you like to meet" and mire

4. Call a friend

Most people feel more comfortable when talking to their friends,when talking to their friends will make them speak out their mind and "problem shareed is problem solved" but talk to a person who is kind and caring it usually calming parasympathetic nervous system

5. Take break

Take at least 10 minutes break can help you feel relaxed and and make you refresh,it will calm down your nervous system

 Take This Step And Free Yourself From Depression

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