For someone to love is from heart, and we always think about them and each time remember make one happy.
For you to make your relationship work out well you need to keep all this Tips.
1. Always Listen to her
Try and listen to your girl friend opinions whenever she talks, listen to her will make her know you value her so much and this help your relationship go smoothly.

2. Buy Her Gift 

This is very important Because Ladies like it ,Anyone can give someone gift, but Buy her Thoughtful gift. That will show her your Love for her Always.

3. Make friend with her friends

The longer you have been with your Girlfriend, the more important it is to make sure you are getting with other people in her life. You must try to make friends with any one around her, doing so is bound to make your relationship to be strong.

4. Show Interest in Her Interests

If your girlfriend has a hobby or passion that you have always effectively ignored, boost herself esteem by showing some interest in it, you don't necessarily have to take part yourself but to value her Interest

5. Make Good Use Of Your Time Together

Spend quality time with her during the week and weekend, staying at home or go out to chill together in a cool place like restaurant, Cafes, Clubs, bookstore, Boutique and Market and place you haven't yet visited In and around your city

  Take This Step And Make Your Girlfriend Happy

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