The need for a JAMB high 
score in your application for admission to a university in Nigeria cannot be overstated.  Each candidate wants to have a high JAMB score, as this will help improve the lives of recipients, but few need to do so.  The question is, what goals can we take to achieve this goal?

 1. Early Preparation for It

 Do not wait until the end of the tests before starting the preparations.  Early preparation will give you an advantage;  don't think there is still time.

 Live your life with a spirit of speed.  Understand: "I am behind schedule".  Start setting goals, as this will give you a strong motivation for the exam.

 Do you want to mark 350+ in Jamb?  It all started right now.  Remember that a man who does not plan indirectly plans to fail.  In your application for university admission, what can you find ?.  Your value in life is linked to your inner beauty.

 2. Develop your studying Manner

 Your behavior determines your residence.  It is time to develop a solid research culture.  Need help?  here's how to get started.  Before studying, make sure you are well rested physically, spiritually and mentally.  Follow-up training practices can be of great help to you.

 Learn in an area that is the best opportunity for you.  He doesn't really have to be nervous;  if the noise zone is fine for you, go ahead.

 Read with introduction.  Make a plan that should work after the trial.

 Any material that recommends gentle learning should be ready to avoid being caught in the middle of learning.

 • Get a Jotter to record important details

 • Do not skip any part of the questions if you do not understand.

 • Prepare a training table and follow it consecutively.

• Prepare a holiday and relaxation table.  You laugh?

 3 Practice past Questions 

 Past questions are a picture of the future.  Tomorrow we are talking about the test for which you are preparing.  Training with past questions will serve as a good catalyst for your exam.  The following questions will help you:

 • Know what questions to expect.

 • Identify dark spots in your articles

 Always consider the questions.

 • Evaluate your level of preparation by putting yourself in a test situation.

 • Be confident in yourself.

 Note: Many past questions have answers on the back.  Do not check the answers before solving the problems.  Just make sure you understand the requirements.

 We recommend the Myschool JAMB CBT mobile app for Android phones or the JAMB CBT Myschool software for computer systems.  These will help you prepare for the test.

 5. Knowing Your Weaknesses 

 As I always say, "Honesty is honest but telling others is stable.

 Find out what works well for you and what doesn't.  Find keywords and topics that you find very easy to learn.  In addition, do not escape those who give you a hard time.

 Do everything you can to give them a hard time too.  Just imagine that you lost 80 points in math because you didn't fall in love with it.  Managing your weaknesses or your weaknesses will lead you.

 6 Learn The questions strategies 

 There are things which may not seem wise but which can make you responsible.  Understand these skills:

 Any question that goes wrong, there are people who will correct it.

 Some responses follow an example.  This process can help you get answers that you don't know the right answers to.

 Every 30 minutes, go back to the questions you think you've answered to make sure you've answered them correctly.  Sometimes the brain is gone.

 Increase your speed in answering and don't leave any options blank.