Welcome To TheGetHow, I will lead you to get how you will get your desire score in this upcoming JAMB 2020 examination. JAMB Examination is the most important examination to every student in Nigeria an most to pass before entry into higher institution. But I assure you with your determination and preparation you will can get your desire score.
  Well in this article I will tell you all you needs to pass and gain admission into your choice of higher institution. Nevertheless it is also important to know that JAMB always have their year Brochure and Syllabus.

     JAMB Syllabus
 This is very essential to prepare and pass JAMB Examination. JAMB Syllabus are  release by JAMB every year to all candidate. This syllabus contain the Topics where JAMB questions will be collected to be set to all candidate for the examination.

JAMB Brochure
  This is where jamb list the requirements for all course and institution. This very important for candidate to check it will tell them what they need to do, their subject combination and school that offers the course.

        How To Prepare For JAMB

 Preparation is very important very much because "Who Fall to prepare, Prepare to Fall  " Below are how you can prepare for This JAMB Examination:

1. JAMB Pass Questions
   It's all know that JAMB do repeat many Questions every year. Even the last year candidate can says about this . So I will advice you to have a copy of all JAMB Pass Questions and up to date one when preparing for JAMB Examination. With this you will know how jamb set their Questions, it won't be difficult for you and make you score your desire score. Practicing this Pass Questions will tell you how far you have prepared.

2. Check out the JAMB Syllabus

 As I have said earlier JAMB do bring out their syllabus for all subjects. Checking this syllabus will let you know the area you must need to read. So take this very important.

 What To Get Your Desire Score With This Also:
 1. Start Reading Very Early

  Your reading start from now. The only to pass any examination is to read hard. Don't wait till JAMB is about 2 - 3 week to start. When you start reading very early you will cover all Area you need to Read.

2. Study Recommend English Test Properly 

Studing the recommended English test will serve as a Bonus for you. The English Test is the literature given to you (Sweet Sixteen) by jamb. Reading this very well will serve as a Bonus Make you and make you to get your desire score. 

3. Move Away From Distraction
 To Focus on any thing, Distraction must be kept away. Don't keep anything that will Distract you like your Phone, Laptop, even friends etc. And anything that won't make you Focus on your study.
4. Time Management

 This the most important of all you must be time conscious , practice on how to use your time wisely, Don't spend more than 1 minute on one questions. Use Of English has the highest Questions which 60, and the rest is 40 each within 2 hours, so practice on how to make use of your time wisely. Do this personally when practising Pass Questions.

5. Prayer
  The last of it is prayer there is nothing impossible for GOD to-do, putting GOD first one is very important also pray before starting the Examination.

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