Your beauty routine is incomplete without applying toner to your skin.

 Here's why you should add toner to your beauty routine
 With the current climate, losing a product from your beauty or skin care routine can make the shine you want difficult.

 What if the lack of one or more skin care or beauty products could be the reason you are fighting acne and other skin problems?  Do not get full brightness without toner.

 Why then?  In fact, skin toner is designed to hydrate and cleanse the skin of all germs and dead cells.

 The skin tonic is that intermediary that you need to marry the effect of washing your face and applying a serum or moisturizer.  It is one of the secrets to keep your skin healthy and soft.

 You may wonder why you should use toner for your skin.  We intend to show you with this article.

 Here are several reasons why you should add toner to your beauty routine.

 1. clean the skin
 Toners are excellent for cleaning the skin.  Therefore, you have a normal routine of using a facial cleanser or a wipe to get rid of your makeup.

 This routine is not enough to achieve proper cleaning of your face.  The application of tonics deeply cleanses the skin by removing excess oil and makeup from the face.

 If you need to apply makeup daily, you must apply toner daily.  Without toner, any excess oil that your facial cleanser cannot remove will clog your pores.

 This eventually causes more buds on your face.  If you don't want it, get a toner.

 2. Your skin is hydrated
 To maintain a certain level of luminosity, your skin must remain hydrated and a facial tonic will give you.  You can apply them before or after using your moisturizer.

 In sunny weather, you cannot afford to leave your home or sleep at night without applying toner.  Invite discussions while avoiding the application of a toner.

 Time has nothing on you with a facial toner.

 3. Balances the pH of the skin.
 A toner will help you balance the pH level.

 Cleaning products and other skin care products can reduce the pH of your skin, which is unhealthy.  A toner will help you balance the pH level.

 With an ideal pH of 5.5, your skin can operate defense organs against contaminants and impurities.  When the pH of your skin is balanced, it produces the amount of oil your skin needs to stay hydrated.

 4. Add another protection layer
 In a city like Lagos, where there is a lot of air pollution, your skin needs a tonic to maintain its luminosity.  When your skin is exposed to these contaminants, it triggers and intensifies all kinds of irritations.

 It also speeds up the aging process of your skin.  Use toner to keep your skin protected and flawless.

 5. Detoxifies the skin
 Toners will help you eliminate toxins that can affect your skin

 Today, most skin care products contain chemicals that can also affect the appearance of the skin.  Toners will help eliminate toxins that can affect your skin.